Bed prepping

Autumn is soon to arrive and we have been prepping beds for cultivation of Arugula (Rocket) salad.

When we uncovered this bed it was quiet dry and compact so using the board forks, regular forks & rakes, we lifted the soil to loosen it and broke down the large clumps. Then we added horse manure and worked it in by lifting not turning the soil, gave it a good watering and covered it up for a few days and daily watered if needed.



Beds like these need bacteria to break down the soil compost which then feeds the vegetable crop.

Created lines in the beds to allow for a neat crop and to reduce the loss of seeds and gently raked over to cover them.


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These where covered for a 3 days until seeds started to germinate and then covered with protection netting to stop birds or other unwanted guests taking them as a snack.

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