Is there hope for these dry beds?

At first glance, you may think growing anything here would be quiet challenging and may require lots of chemical fertiliser. Follow along and see how we can rebuild this dry soil into an organically fertilised bed for grows your greens, fruits or vegetables.

The journey starts with forks, horse manure and water.

This photo displays 2 beds that had finished a crop of kale and hidden onions (that we found whilst board forking). Its looking rather dry and compact since it had been neglected for some time. Dry hard soil with little moisture underneath and very little insect/bug life.

So we got to work by initially board forking and using a regular fork to further breakdown the clumps of soil. 4 wheelbarrows of horse manure later and buckets of water and now we are getting somewhere!

This process aerates the soil and the horse manure is a output “waste” (not) product that is highly fertile. By watering over the horse manure, the water will carry the nutrients with it as it breaks down into the soil bed. We shall continue to water every couple of days for around 2 weeks to allow the manure to cure and soil bio-diversity to increase.


Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.

– Seneca


We have certainly put in the preparation giving these beds the best opportunity they need to grow our leaf greens and vegetables in the future.

Stay tuned to see the progress 🙂

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