Circle Garden Design

Here at Danyadara, the circular garden design is used all over the site. For anyone new to this concept it is a design pattern where in the center can be planted a tree or used for any garden cuttings or weeds, and around this center point can be a combination of different herbs, shrubs or vegetables crops depending on your preferences.

The Circle Garden Design for Productive Gardening: A circular-shaped garden is an excellent way to combine beauty with function while reducing labor. Here's how to design your own edible circle garden.

The Danyadara garden is slightly inclined, so several tree circles have been situated to absorb the rain water as it travels down the landscape. They have also made use of grey water from the kitchen which goes through a filter and is piped in to these circles.

Right now we have lots of lemon verbena tea in the kitchen which is growing within these circular patterns. Other herbs such as sage and rosemary as well as pumpkin plants and canna lilys are growing.

Today, we focused on cleaning around the based on the plants in the circles, removing any invasive grasses, adding protective layer of card board then horse manure and finally on top a layer of straw.

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Three Circles

Other examples of tree circle designs

Aesthetic tree circle outside accommodation
Basic circular mulch
Herb circle


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